Izakaya Bincho was a Japanese restaurant situated on the International Boardwalk at the Redondo Beach Wharf.

Keeping to the common style of Izakayas found in Japan, Izakaya Bincho was informal with a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Chef Tomo offered up a wide variety of "small plates", perfect for sharing the scrumptious morsels available from his finely tuned menu of Japanese delicacies.

Dining at Izakaya Bincho offered a wide variety of simple, yet tasty treats, a perfect accompaniment to the draft Sapporo, and other traditional beverages found here and in Japan.

Chef Tomo has returned to his native Japan to care for his ailing father and to help with family. He offers his thanks for all the years of patronage that Izakaya Bincho has received.

Izakaya Bincho

112 N International Boardwalk

Redondo Beach, California 90277

Now Closed, Thanks for Everything!